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How can I use the templates?

Templates are a great way to start creating awesome campaigns and exploring the creator. You will simply need to click on the templates button, choose one from the two templates currently available: Business card or Invitation template.


Click on the copy button on the bottom right, edit the template name and URL and go to "Create An Experience"



Once in the creator, you can make any changes to the already existing digital assets by uploading your own.

For BizCard template,  simply upload your own card design ( or video link) then add your social information ( email, website, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). Once done, click on activate experience and enjoy your augmented cool BizCard! 




For the Invitation template, you only need to upload your invitation cover image or video, customize button colors and you're good to go! 

This kind of template is usually used when sending invites for events, parties or personal occasions for which you want to add some interactivity, engage your attendees and get their response through an AR experience.