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How do I use The Augmania AR platform?

You create an account on The Augmania AR platform, start a campaign, name it and follow the guide to upload your visual assets then add the AR effects. Once you complete the steps, you publish the link on social media.

The Augmania AR platform allows you to easily build interactive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in few clicks with no coding skills required.

After creating your campaign, by setting a name, a URL and a cover image, you start the fun part! 

You may want your audience to scan an image, a QR code or perhaps you want the campaign to be launched depending on their location. Then simply upload your items in the Trigger section.

Augmania AR Platform

Quick Tip: Make sure your images are of a high-quality by checking our image quality checker.

If you are planning to take things to the next level and add more fun to your experience,  add a video URL, an audio file, 3D object, an animation or even a cool interactive game in the show interaction section, and add as many scenes as you wish! (it’s free, you know)

Augmania AR Platform

Well, you are almost there!

Behind each campaign, marketers are seeking to initiate a certain action for the audience to take… So what’s is it that you want your customers to do after seeing your AR experience?

Besides being easy to use, The Augmania AR platform is extra unique thanks to its WebAR technology. Now what this means to you, is that you can easily share your campaign URL with your audience with no app downloads needed, independently from the device and the OS. There’s more, you can even embed the campaign on your website!

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It’s not enough to create and launch an AR experience, what you need is to know how well it’s doing, how much visitors did you get, and how often people saw it!

All this data and even more are provided through Augmania’s analytics, and you can even customize it.

Augmania AR Platform

Well, that didn’t seem a very hard thing to do! What are you waiting for then, go on, sign in and start creating your own experience and let us know how it goes.