How can I upload my digital assets?

There are two possible ways of uploading assets.

Augmania creator supports a wide range of digital assets. You can upload images ( 360 images are supported), 3d objects and animations, videos (360 videos are supported), audio files, QR codes, or add a location. You can also add HTML5 code to build an interactive game.

One way of uploading the digital assets is by doing it directly on the experience panel by clicking on "Upload my assets from computer". For each step ( Assign Trigger, Show media, CTA), you can add your desired content from your computer into the creator.

If you face some challenges finding a specific asset, especially for 3d content, you can always use the free assets available on our creator (Our platform supports assets from Flicker and Sketchfab)



Another way you can use to add your assets is by doing it outside of the experience panel through the "Assets" button. You click on it and then start uploading the different types of content you wish to add. You can group it in a specific folder and sort it by type.




From there, your assets will be automatically added to any experience you create under "recent assets" where you can directly use it.