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What's the experience URL? and how should I use it?

The experience URL is the link that directs your audience to your AR experience. Instead of having to download an app to view your experience, you can simply access the link and view it!

It is important to choose a URL when creating the experience to be able to share it later with your audience. Usually, the experience's name is used in the URL. You only add the slug after augmania.co/.

PS: If you don't want your AR experience to be under the Augmania domain, you can customize it by opting for our white label services, where you will have the experience URL under your own domain.



Once you finish creating the AR experience, you can publish it either by sharing the URL link across your different channels so your consumers can access the experience by typing it into their mobile browsers or you can simply share the QR code generated for your experience with customers. All they have to do next is to scan it with their phone camera and they will be automatically directed to your experience URL without having to type it themselves.


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