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How can I create the campaign and use the show media ?

After fulfilling the first step of your campaign creation by assigning a trigger(check article),you will need to upload your digital assets according to your preferences which we covered through the different features the platform is offering.

The next step after setting a trigger, is uploading assets to show media. Using the show media allows you to add videos, audio files, 3d objects, animations, 360 images, text all along with the possibility of embedding HTML5 code to build interactive games.

You can upload the digital assets into the campaign panel directly while creating the campaign or add it to the platform using the "Upload assets" button before even starting to create a campaign. In this case, once in the campaign panel, you will find the assets previously uploaded under "My recent assets"

You can also use the Public Assets provided by Augmania.

Show media

Once the campaign is published, your audience will be able to see all the media you added displayed on their phone screen right after scanning the trigger. To boost engagement, make sure to add some interaction, through choosing how your audience can interact with the media displayed; This happens by choosing the kind of action you want your audience to take when seeing a specific object or animation. You might want them to tap on it or simply swipe it in different directions. So now your audience will be able to do more than just seeing the campaign, by engaging with it.


Final step now is to add a CTA which can be a button or a form and you are good to go!