What is a trigger and what should I do with it?

A trigger is an event that will initiate the AR experience for your audience. This event is usually an image, a QR code or a location that needs to be detected or scanned so the experience starts and the different scenes and assets are put on display.

So, how do you want your audience to get started with your AR experience? Finding the answer to this question will help you figure out which trigger you would assign on the creator. Perhaps you want them to scan an image and so your trigger will be an image that you upload to the experience. Else, you can add a QR code that will generate the experience once scanned.

Another option you can go for is adding a location that customers need to be present to start the AR experience. In this case, you need to search for your desired location on the creator and specify the tolerance range around which customers'location will be detected to begin showing the media.

You can also set the trigger to be nothing allowing your audience to start interacting with your content without scanning anything!


Once you are done, you can move to the next steps to create your AR experience.